Random Tuesday Thoughts – Road Trip Fun Day 1

Today is officially the second day of our annual vacation.  Yesterday we spent the day driving – fairly uneventful if you don’t count the fact that Rolex jumped to the second row seats from the third row on top of Travis.  Who promptly reacted by barfing on Rolex.  Less than 20 minutes into the drive.


Good thing I picked up baby wipes for the trip – I had no idea I’d be using them to clean up dog barf off dogs though.  One thing I did forget to bring (besides my vitamins, the doggy treats and chewies and who knows what else that I’ll discover when we finally get to Iowa) was these:

Princess Nagger and I had been in Target last week picking up some last minute vacation stuff when she spied them on the clearance shelf of ‘As Seen On TV’ products.  I figured we couldn’t lose being that they were half price, so we bought them.  And Princess Nagger insisted we ‘try them out’ which we did.  You’d think having used them (successfully) for the past 5 days or so I’d remember to bring them along.  I didn’t.

Princess Nagger has been super excited about the vacation (particularly the halfway stop to jump on the motel beds) but you’d think from this shot she wasn’t in that excitement mode:

I’m sure it had nothing to do with me taking pictures while she was trying to enjoy a snack of blueberries.  Travis also seemed a bit disinterested in the whole excitement thing:

Rolex popped his head up from the third row seats to get a big grin from the Princess Nagger when he stuck his big nose in her face:

Which of course morphed into Princess Nagger donning her vampire teeth to try to scare all of us in the van:

Obviously Travis was unaffected by her vampire transformation as he slept contentedly in her lap.

We usually try to find a Motel 6 for our pit stop since they tout themselves to be ‘Pet Friendly’ and we’ve always lucked out and stayed at freshly remodeled locations that have updated rooms and a nice pool.  Our luck finally ran out on this one in Ohio:

Where on God’s green earth is the ‘Pet Friendly’ part?  There’s no grassy knoll for the boys to do their business on, and they’re quite nervous to be trotting about in the parking lot.  As am I.  And to add insult to injury, the pool was closed.  On a steamy hot day.  Something about the pump being broken, which renders the pool inoperable until they get it fixed.  We had reservations for our return trip, but I think we’ll be seeking other accommodations thankyouverymuch.

Since I need to referee Bed Jumping 101 (last night), that’s it for me today – we’ll be on the road again all day today, but I’ll be sneaking in throughout the week once we arrive in Iowa to pay visits to fellow RTT participants – leave a link in the comments and I’ll be able to sneak in faster!  Meanwhile, head over and visit Keely at The Un-Mom for some fun randomness and get your own Random on!


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36 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts – Road Trip Fun Day 1

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  3. Eww, dog puke is almost worse than kid puke. I need to look for those soda can spout thingies. Hopefully the rest of your trip has better accommodations. Have fun!

  4. No swimming? What’s a a vacation without swimming! Good idea about finding other accommodations on the return trip. Enjoy your vacation!!

  5. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

  6. I agree with Casey – doge puke is worse than kid puke.

    Princess Nagger looks absolutely thrilled! LOL

  7. A long trip with two doggies? I’m not that brave. You have lots of wine, right?

    Have a great vacation and definitely find a different hotel for the way home.

  8. I have a pool and a lot of grassy knolls, and I’m in Ohio. I’m just saying, I’m a lot more friendly than the Motel 6, apparently.

    Animal puke, in general, is gross. But the fuzzy lap warmer on the car ride? Now that would be nice.

  9. I’m in Ohio also, and I know the Motel 6’s are not good. I suggest you guys try the Red Roof hotels, they are pet friendly and many of them have been remodeled (that’s where we stay when we travel with our two dogs). Have a fun and safe trip!

  10. Not a fan of roadtrips but you guys look like you were having fun! And I saw those bottle toppers and they looked awesome. I think I’ll have to pick some up! Have a fun rest of your trip!

  11. Looks like our vacation and your vacation are eerily similar. We had our two dogs with us too, but no dog barf this trip. But it’s happened. We can’t take pictures in the car because one of our dogs is terrified of cameras and will start to pee at the sight of one. Weird. Have a great trip! and find a better pet-friendly motel for the trip back.

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  13. Your dogs are so pretty (minus the puke). Maybe Travis is part werewolf..therefore explaining his non-fear of vampires or ummm what were the dogs that protected vampires called in The Lost Boys? One of those…:) Hope the rest of your trip is puke-free!

  14. Ok, I have to admit I thought you were talking about a rolex watch at first! LOL!

    Wow, what a road trip with both dogs!! I admire you :o)
    Can’t wait to hear more!

  15. this brings back so many memories of our anual two week summer trips as a child….always so much fun;)

    enjoy your fun 😉

  16. Love the vampire look!

    We have a trip planned in November and we are going to have to take our dogs with us. Now I am very worried and I am going to have to do some extra planning and research to make sure these places we stay at are really dog friendly as they say they are. Thanks for the head up on that one!

  17. Oooo, those can topper things are cool. I may have to take a trip to Target. I think it’s so cute that you’ve taken the dogs on vacation with you. My parents used to do it too, and as a little only child (like PN) I loved having a pal with me in the backseat besides my dolls!

  18. Eww – dog puke. Poor little dude. And poor you! On a positive note – thanks for reminding me to pack the baby wipes, you’re so correct. I’ll be buying those long after the boys leave for college.

    Have an incredible and safe trip!

    (P.S. I received my surprise today. Your timing was perfection – my parents are in town. Delicious jelly to share at breakfast, and a bottle of wine to help me look forward to sharing jelly at breakfast 🙂 Sincerely. Thank you so much.)

  19. Oh, poor dogs! For both the puke and the no grassy knoll. How is Nagger staying sane during the ride? Any DVD player to help with the boredom? How about YOU?

  20. Hotels are always such a gamble. Even if you look them up on the internet they are likely to be very different! I hope the rest of your trip goes well.

  21. You guys make long road trips look like fun … I mean, minus the barf, of course. That’s just too awful … how did PN take it? My kid would have freaked OUT!

    Have a marvelous trip … wishing you better luck with the accommodations on the way back!

    p.s. Love that you remembered the vampire teeth but didn’t remember the can toppers!

  22. Aw. It almost makes me wish I could take a road trip with all four kids, plus the dogs, and a van full of snacks and bedding…um, scratch that. 😉 Seems like a good time so far. Drive safe.

  23. Sounds like a long trip. The dogs look like they are very well-behaved in the car. Our dog behaves very poorly in the car. I don’t like to take him to the vet, let alone to another state.

  24. Aw, Princess Nagger couldn’t be scary no matter how hard she tries!
    Bed jumping referee? That part sounds like lots of fun. Enjoy!

  25. Dog Barf! You are a better dog – mommy than I am! But as for non-dog friendly hotels, that is no good. We took our boxer to a Country Inn and Suites recently and she had a blast. She played in the grass and got lots of pats from the staff.

  26. Now that you have cleaned the barf off the dog, I hope the rest of the trip is more enjoyable. Those tops for cans? Awesome. I wonder if I can find some somewhere? Too bad you forgot them.

  27. I guess it could be worse. Vomit is no fun at all but dog is better then human I think. Forgetting something is pretty typical, I know I always do that. Heck I ran to Wal-Mart to look for a shower seat for my dad and came home with everything else but never looked for the seat! Have a great time.

  28. You’ve really become a great writer. I remember when I first started visiting this blog and I thought you had a lot of potential. It’s great to see your hard work paying off and it looks like you’re getting a ton of comments. Congrats!