Random Tuesday Thoughts – Bugs, Wildlife and Dinosaurs

I’m late with my randomness this morning because we had a friend in crisis over last night talking into the wee hours of the morning.  Wait, is it morning already?  I think I better load up on .

Sitting out on the back porch chatting the night away, I discovered that while mosquitoes find me to be a tasty (hold on while I scratch another bite) they steer clear of the hubby.  Apparently his love of hot sauce and garlic has the mosquitoes turning their noses up and flying in the opposite direction.  Towards me.

For all the mosquito bites I have to suffer with during this time of year, at least the ticks have opted to steer clear of me.  Hubby hasn’t been so lucky.  He’s already plucked three of them off within a couple of months.  It’s okay if you want to utter an “Ewwww!” right about now.  I did.  Too bad they don’t make Advantage for Two-Leggers like they do for .

Yesterday was the first day of Summer.  Mother Nature thought it was much earlier this year, because we’ve been having hot hazy and :

The Bully Frog has a co-conspirator.   We discovered there are not one, but two Bullfrogs in our pond.  The original hanging out doing some :

The second one trying to blend in with the plant life:

Can you see it?  Almost at the center of the shot.  In another “Where’s Waldo?” moment, see if you can pick out the dove defying the bird-loving Bully Frog:

He/She picked out a good time to get drunk a drink, because usually the bullfrog is pretending to be a rock halfway up the stream waiting for his next unsuspecting meal.

The Fruit Tree is loaded with growing fruit:

You can’t see them very clearly because they’re all little green balls right now.  But trust me, they’re there.  Speaking of little green balls (get your mind out of the gutter!), Princess Nagger was pretending to feed her inflatable Pteranodon on the young grape vines:

Candid moment:

And finally, the weekly shot of our pond:

Hubby eliminated some of the wildly growing weeds that were running rampant by the corner fence and trimmed down the bush in the corner to let in a little more sunlight.  Should be interesting to see what a jungle the yard will be when we get back from vacation.  We head out on Sunday to drive to Iowa, stopping in Dayton, Ohio just to split up the drive.  If any of you are in that area and would like to meet while we’re passing through, let me know.

We’ll be invading my sister’s space for two weeks – it will be our first visit to Iowa ever (except for quickly driving through on the move out from Seattle to PA) so Princess Nagger is really looking forward to checking out ‘Corn Country’.

This concludes this foggy-brained edition of Thoughts.  While I get more coffee, why don’t you head over and visit Keely at The Un-Mom for some fun randomness and get your own Random on!


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36 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts – Bugs, Wildlife and Dinosaurs

  1. That is one Big dinosaur. Or one little dog.
    You’re a good friend, staying up like that.
    Enjoy your vacation with your sis.

  2. So are you bringing all those dinosaurs on your trip? Because I know when we leave, we’re going to have a car full of Yoshis. Good luck with that.

    Your backyard looks so peaceful. I’m having backyard envy.

    Have a safe trip!

  3. I love the captioned pic! I also think they should make human advantage.. Mosquitoes think I am their personal resturant, I have so many bug bites on me and it is even worse that I don’t go out side enought to warrent all of them… its like as soon as I step out side they are all hungry ya know?

  4. I also totally love your back yard pond. My wish list is topped with a pond in our back yard. But we’ve been spending way too much lately. Maybe next year! Have a great trip to corn country. And BTW, I love your “Stacy Uncorked” graphic!

  5. Good luck on your drive out West! I wish we were closer to Dayton, but alas, it’s about 5 hours from here. Rats.

    Do you think the bullfrog was thinking, “Rats, foiled again!” Like the villans in old time movies?

  6. My youngest came home with some ticks the other day, yuck.

    The mosquitoes love me too and usually leave everyone else around me alone while they feast on me.

    Your pond is looking gorgeous!

  7. Turbo and I are walking buffets for the stupid mosquitoes. He swells up and we both get so itchy. Nick and so far Bruiser they leave alone.

    I love your backyard.

  8. It is good your friend knew it would be a safe place to come to in a crisis at your place. That speaks volumes about your friendship. The photos are so nice and clear. The pond looks great!

  9. You know, I’ve been mauled by mosquitoes, too, and they’re leaving Beloved pretty much alone. AND he eats a lot of garlic and hot sauce, and I don’t.

    I think you’re on to something there.

  10. Two weeks in Iowa? Are you being punished for something you did in a former life? 🙂 Have fun with your family!

  11. I just managed to get something up myself. Your pond is so pretty. I’m jealous. I can’t even keep my beach grass alive (that could be because I forget to water it but lets keep that to ourselves mm k?)

  12. BTW, I don’t know what you did recently to the blog, but I can comment again! YEA!

  13. Love the pond and the frog are so cute. Love PN feeding her Pteranodom, she is too cute. Have a wonderful visit with your family.

  14. what a beautiful spot uou have, I think I would just stay there all day

  15. I’ve got the good weather in Cali but only a small patio. Now I wish I had a pond. Nice photos! Happy RTT. Have fun in Iowa!

  16. I’m loving the pond. We don’t tend to get bullfrogs in ours…but I’ve had up to 11 regular frogs.
    Hope things are well and fine with your friend…good thing she has you.

  17. Garlic & hot sauce have nothing to do with it! I consume mass quantities of both and still have no relief from those blood suckers.

    Gorgeous place my dear!

    xo, Mango

  18. Yep they leave me alone for the same reason – garlic! And recently I researched how to keep ticks off humans – try this:
    * Skin so soft – from Avon is supposed to work but mixed results on this
    * DEET works pretty good
    * for a natural repellent try this:

    Making Your Own Natural Insect Repellent

    Herbalist Debra Nuzzi-St. Claire suggests combining the following essential oils to make a natural insect repellent:

    1/2 ounce citronella oil

    1/4 ounce lavender oil

    1/8 ounce pennyroyal oil

    1/8 ounce tea tree oil

    1/8 ounce jojoba oil

    Do not use this blend undiluted on your skin. Follow these instructions for diluting:

    To make an insect repellent oil that can be used on your body, add 16 ounces of jojoba or almond oil to the base oil mixture and blend thoroughly. For an insect repellent spray, add 16 ounces of vodka to the base oil mixture, pour into a spray bottle, and shake before using.

  19. Wow! Where do I start? First off, I am digging the new look! It is very refreshing.

    I am also a mosquito magnet. When I was a kid, they would never bite my step brother but they would eat me alive. I was very jealous.

    Your yard is looking like a botanical garden these days!

  20. Well I’d rather have mosquitoes bite me than ticks!! But the garlic does help keep skeeters away 🙂 Have a fun and safe trip!

  21. Oh yeah, hot as balls here too. I’m about over this heat since it’s been thundering and threatening rain (but not actually raining) every afternoon for a week and ruining our chances of swimming.

    Cool dinos. They look so damn real.

  22. Oh my! it’s busy!!! Your critters are interesting. I think there have been some Doves here according to my walking partner but I never seem to see them! She points and off they go, befor eI look! ugh!

  23. Love the pond! Maybe someday I can have one of those in our back yard. Thanks for stopping by my blog the past couple of weeks…sorry it took me so long to get out and about! Have a great vacation!

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