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From Kailani at An Island Life:
In , Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So on Fridays let’s take it easy on posting, too. Ask a simple question…nothing that requires a lengthy response. It’s a great way to make new blogging friends!

Nature has been having a lot more of her hot flashes recently, throwing us into Summer quickly after her last-minute frost advisories.  Since the kitchen happens to be on the same side as the afternoon sun, it gets unbearably hot sometimes, particularly if I’m cooking.

So during the hot summer months I rely more and more on my crock pot, as well as cooking out on the grill.  I’ve mentioned before that I have an eclectic collection of cookbooks and enjoy through them just for fun – I noticed a standard mode of making hamburger patties and wondered if everyone but me follows that mode.  Every recipe I read uses egg and breadcrumbs.  So my question for you today is:

How do you make your burger patties (veggie or beef)?

Me?  I go with straight meat – I usually get the leanest I can find, my last grocery shopping run I picked up 6 pounds of 90% lean ground beef.  I separated two pounds into 1-pound packages to use for spaghetti sauce and tacos, but the rest I tossed into a large stainless steel bowl, smashed it down a bit, added some liquid smoke and a liberal dose of this:

I knead it all together to make sure the seasoning and liquid smoke are well distributed throughout the ground beef, and shape it into patties.  I have a couple of Tupperware hamburger press/freezer sets that come in quite handy this time of year – because then I can store the pre-made patties in the freezer and only pull out what I need for any given day.  Sometimes I’ll sprinkle a bit of this on the patties just before they go on the grill:

Regular for me, spicy for hubby of course.  So that’s pretty much what to make hamburger patties – no filler, just seasoning.  How about you?  Do you use the standard egg and bread crumb method? Or something else?

Soon I plan to pick up some ground pork to try my hand at Jan (Jan’s Sushi Bar) recipe for Apple Cheddar Pork Burgers because it sounds so good!!

And for those vegetarians out there, if you have a great veggie burger recipe, feel free to send it – I’m always interested in trying new things.  If I like it, I’ll try it again!

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35 thoughts on “Aloha Friday Follow – Hamburgers

  1. Thanks to the cost of Kosher meat, we are most vegetarian at home. Love lots of veggies on top of our veggie burgers. Recently hubby has been roasting our own red peppers to put on things – yum!

  2. I mix in an egg, then add a packet of Lipton’s dry onion soup mix for seasoning. I’ve also used the McCormick’s Grillmates Hamburger seasoning and that also worked well.
    .-= Jill C would like you to read ..On the mend =-.

  3. beef…with minced onion and worchestershire….which is a fun word to say. hope you have a wonderful weekend stacy…

  4. Beef all the way, baby. Oh, except when I’m doing those Apple Cheddar Pork Burgers, of course. How I prepare the beef depends on how I feel at the time; I guess I’ll have to do another burger recipe soon!

    Thanks for the linky love, too – you are a doll!
    .-= Jan would like you to read ..Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts =-.

  5. I get good hamburger meat and put it in a large bowl. I chop onions and add onion to the meat. I pour worcestershire sauce into the meat/onion mixture then form into patties. I store the patties in the freezer and hubby grills them. Easy peasy.
    .-= Technobabe would like you to read ..Wicked Wicked Sense Of Humor =-.

  6. The veg cookbook “American Wholefoods Cuisine” has great veg burgers ( and 1300) other recipies. more at

  7. I have a great turkey burger recipe. Mmmm. We do a lot of beef, too, though. And we tried Jan’s pork (oooh, that was so good my FIL remarked on how juicy it was several times during dinner). We’re pretty much meat all the way, though. I’m thinking of doing a “burger week” this summer, though, which might require a veggie burger one day for variety.
    .-= Mama Badger would like you to read ..Spin Cycle- Technology =-.

  8. Beef with chopped onion mixed in & of course cheese on top lol then I only like the bottom bun with mayo & ketchup & topped with pickles purple onion & lettuce
    .-= Jess would like you to read ..Aloha Friday – Owies =-.

  9. I don’t do the hamburgers, hubby has his own special recipe that none are privvy to. They are a combo of serlion, ground and chuck hamberger meat. All I do know is that it has bbq sause and honey mixed in them. They are delicious!
    .-= Heather would like you to read ..My Hubby Is So… =-.

  10. Montreal seasoning has become my go to spice for steaks… hamburger is best tasting at an 85/15 fat ratio- enough to keep it moist, without too much shrinkage …

  11. Love your new look!
    I use George Foreman Grill with those yummy seasonings I always get the perfect burgers!!

  12. We use beef for sure. Hubby would run away screaming if I tried to give him a veggie burger!
    I love the new look, and the title is just right!

  13. Eeeeeeek! I’m so excited I can come visit you again. One of the graphics on your other site used to cause my computer to abort out of loading your page – no idea why. But, this awesome new site doesn’t kick me off – yeah!!

    Love the name (;-), love my little ad up there (you rock!), love that I can finally visit. Oh, and I love burgers, the rarer the better.

    Happy weekend!!! Ash

  14. Your hamburgers sound awesome! I am awful – I buy Bubba hamburger patties with sweet onion – they taste yummy… I should figure out my own recipe don’t you

    Love to you!