Wordless/Wordful Wednesday – Earth Day and Dinosaurs

Princess Nagger’s first grade class had an Earth Day Project due this past Monday where they were asked to make anything they wanted by using something from around the house to recycle it.  I had suggested turning an old coffee can into a dinosaur container, but Princess Nagger thought that was too boring.  So I suggested turning a shoe box into a dinosaur habitat.  She was all over that idea, of course.  So we painted the bottom of the inside of the box green and the sides and top blue:

Then we glued moss, pine cones and added a rock to the interior, and she had to figure out which of her many dinosaurs she was willing to put on display for a week.  We were going to make a volcano out of clay, but that was turning into too time-consuming of an option, so I suggested she just use her toy volcano that came with one of her dinosaur play sets.  That seemed to work:

And yes, she specifically wanted the T-Rex to be eating the Triceratops.  You know, for authenticity.

We cut a section off the top of the box and glued a piece of sheet protector to cover the whole – so it would ‘protect’ but also let in light:

That way, when you look through the handy-dandy peep hole in the side, it looks really cool:

I think it turned into a cool Earth Day project if I do say so myself.


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67 thoughts on “Wordless/Wordful Wednesday – Earth Day and Dinosaurs

  1. Woww.. that is one of a helluva super cool project!! 🙂 I loove the whole handy dandy peep hole on the side with the light coming in! So perfect. I wouldn’t have thought of that at all. Tell Princess Nagger that the T-Rex eating the Triceratops was brilliant! Very authentic! 😉
    .-= Shemah would like you to read ..RTT: The Act Of Being Random =-.

  2. Wow! You both are a great team of thinkers. I loved the project. The peep hole view looks very authentic. Hope she is proud of her work.
    .-= Simone would like you to read ..Bug Invasion =-.

  3. Cool! I bet that not only your daughter enjoyed this project but as well as you! I like the look of it through the holes on the side.

    Keep up the mom-and-daughter bond! ^_____^

  4. Lovely project. Love the photos too.
    .-= Mary would like you to read ..The Best Gum In The World =-.

  5. That looks awesome! LOVE the peephole thing! (My girls though it looked cool, too!) Great pics…love your site! So glad you visited me today! I’m joining you today! (FB, Twitter,etc…) Good stuff!
    .-= Janine would like you to read ..Snapshot of Childhood =-.

  6. That is such a COOL dino world! I loved it when our son was into dinosaurs. He’s 10 now and too “grown up” for such things, but every now and then I’ll find him playing with the countless dinos he still has in his room!

    Thanks for stopping by, by the way! Have a great day!