Thousand Words Thursday – Peaceful Puppy

I’ve gotten very little sleep this week, so my brain is foggy. Right now I’d love to be sleeping as peacefully as Rolex is in these pictures… He’s acclimating very well – as soon as he’s housebroken I’ll be able to relax…and get some sleep! 😉

See more photos worth a thousand words at Cheaper Than Therapy:

Cheaper Than Therapy
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After 20+ years in the Corporate World and years of infertility, Princess Nagger made her miraculous appearance and I chose to become a SAHM and WAHM - I love every minute of it. We added Little Dude through adoption, adding a whole new dimension to our family. We have an eclectic mix of pets: dogs, cats, birds and fish. I love to cook and try new techniques to turn ordinary into extraordinary. Crafty by nature, I take on a lot of unique projects and enjoy seeing the end result. My favorite, of course, is making my own wine out of fruits and grapes. Experiments with water currently underway. I blog about the joys of parenting, family, friends, life, love and anything else that strikes my fancy. I do enjoy doing reviews and giveaways for products I use, believe in and can stand behind.
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41 thoughts on “Thousand Words Thursday – Peaceful Puppy

  1. Super cute photos. Congrats on the new puppy. Love the name Rolex. Did Princess Nagger come up with it? Take care.

  2. Rolex is too cute for words. I was just thinking to myself as I watched Princess sleep on the floor, that I wish I could sleep so deeply and comfortably in so many places! Happy ATWT!
    My ATWT

  3. He's not housebroken and yet you still let him up on your couch? You are a brave woman!

  4. Well congratulations on that new ROLEX! He is just adorable!

    Squeeze him for me!

  5. I've always wanted a Rolex, yours is perfect!! Looks so peaceful…what an adorable puppy!

  6. What a cute little babe! I remember the getting up with puppies to housebreak phase! It's almost like having a baby again. Hope it goes quickly for you!!

  7. oh my goodness what a precious puppy.

    Popping in from SITS to wish you a Terrific Thursday.

  8. I forget what state you live in to look if the temperature broke yet for you? Ohio cooled off today. Much better! I have central air, but after a day over 90 degrees it is still hot upstairs for bed.

    Wishing you better dreams tonight!

  9. Oh, my! That puppy is so cute. 🙂 He's lucky you're so loving and patient with him. I hope he's house broken soon.

  10. He is adorable! Let me guess–his name is Rolex because he's a watch dog?

    just dropping by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

  11. What a sweetie. The housebreaking will come soon…..we hung a bell on the back door and rang it when we went "outside" each time. It worked great.

  12. He is adorable. Yes, I know how that goes. Before I got Skye trained I was on top of her 24/7.
    Hope it happens soon.

  13. OMG! Cutest puppy! What kind of dog is that? I have a Boxer and she is the best! She is actually in the picture I posted today for TWT!

  14. You can definitely come visit our Boxer! Daisy loves visitors! She'll haze you first by giving you kisses until your laughing so hard you can't breathe!

  15. where have I been you got another doggie, yeah! I have been sick week and having a huge pity party for myself over it! sorry