Thousand Words Thursday – Super Computer

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On the surface, this appears to be an ordinary Corn Dog box:

But inside reveals it’s a Super Computer created to locate Xana in with extra features for Virtualization of Odd, Yumi, Ulrich and Aileta:

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34 thoughts on “Thousand Words Thursday – Super Computer

  1. very impressive work, I like this idea it shows creativity and imagination. See computers aren’t going to warp her brain!:)

  2. When playing with Fisher Price wooden people as a child, I used to tape paper onto building blocks and draw wiring, buttons, tape reels, screens, etc. onto it and called it my "super computer".

    Gotta love how creative children can be.

  3. What an awesome reuse of a product 🙂 Truly, sometimes kids come up with the cleverest of ideas. Nice work she did.

  4. Aw! That is some PRICELESS artwork though. What a creative lil bugger! 🙂

  5. You have a creative little girl what do you think she will grow up to do.

  6. Sooooo……where’s the box now?

    Corn dogs, as nasty as the ingredients say they are, have come to my rescue plenty in the past. Princess N sure makes the box design nicer looking.

  7. Surely not what I expected to see in a box of corn dogs! Thanks for the laugh!

  8. I love it! I’m so glad you took pictures of it!! She’s gonna treasure her ingenuity when she gets older!

  9. Kids are so creative! My kids are always grabbing my leftover boxes and using it for something.

  10. Just goes to show you nothing is better then a box and some crayons and markers! Very creative 🙂

  11. Very creative! Tara loves to make things with boxes too. She had made all kinds of furniture for Webkinz using cereal boxes, etc.

  12. I still have no clue what this Lyoko thing is, but at least it’s giving PN some creative outlet!

    Justine 😮 )

  13. I’m amazed at what kids can come up with if you let them. I bet she had fun making it.


  14. Love it! =)
    Kids can come up with anything!
    We must stimulate the minds and the creativity of our kids! They are just awesome!