Final Post of 2008 – Reflections

Wow! Can you believe how fast the year has gone by? People have always told me that as you get older, time will fly by even faster. I never really believed that, nor understood it – after all, when you’re ‘younger’, time seems to pass by at a crawl, most likely because we are more impatient for things to happen now. As we get older (and hopefully wiser), we tend to exhibit a lot more patience. Most of the time. Sometimes. Almost never, depending on who you are. 😉

I have noticed that some of my favorite bloggers are reflecting/reminiscing and highlighting their favorite posts from 2008. I am late to the party, I didn’t ‘officially’ start blogging until September 2008 (and the whole whopping 16 posts for that month had a chunk of them that I had posted earlier in the year during my participation of the Save Journeyman Campaign – which obviously didn’t work, since our pleas were falling on moronic deaf ears over at NBC.)

One of my favorite posts from that time was this one:

September 6, 2008 :
Television, As We Know It, Is Changing

October was also a slow posting month, I was still getting my toes wet, and only posted 16 times that month, too, and of course had no one stalking following me or commenting…but I wasn’t stalking following or commenting either, I still had much to learn! 😉 My three favorite posts for the month of October are:

October 3, 2008:
Living in a Literal World

October 9, 2008 :
The Literal World…Continued!

October 26, 2008 :

Then came November, and I finally figured out how EntreCard worked, and started dropping my card and ‘discovering’ so many wonderful bloggers out there that got me hooked on their blogs. Because I finally actively started dropping EC cards and leaving comments to posts I really enjoyed, I finally started having people come and check out my blog. But I was still lagging behind in posts, I was still a bit shy about writing anything and everything, so I only increased my post number by 6…but I did have a couple favorites that month:

November 15, 2008:
Happy Birthday, Little Princess!

November 21, 2008:
McDonald Order-Takers are WHERE?

Then came December – the final month of the year, the month I finally found my footing in the blogosphere, spent way too much time blog-hopping and reading some absolutely wonderful blogs, made some great bloggy-friends, and got involved in different groups. December has been a great month! I’ve actually posted more in the month of December than I did those first few months combined! So yes, December has been a great month! A special thanks to all my readers and commenters – you have all been so wonderful and have made me feel so at home in the blogosphere, thank you for your kind words and support! I look forward to lots of fun blogging in the New Year!

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4 thoughts on “Final Post of 2008 – Reflections

  1. No worries, as far as I see it, you’ll have more great posts coming your way. Keep up the good work in blogging. And best wishes to you and family. 😎

    Recent blog post: I’m Back!!!

  2. Stacy, I feel kinda like you and I got rolling at around the same time and you’ll always be a special bloggy pal of mine because we’re sorta growing up together. 😉 Happy New Year, my friend!

  3. Bless your heart, Elizabeth! You made my day! I feel the same way – you’ll always be a ‘special bloggy pal of mine’ as we ‘grow up’ together! 😀 Happy New Year to you, too, my friend! 🙂